At The Suffolk Punch, coffee is more than a beverage. It is an art, a movement, and an instrument for change. We seek to elevate the beverage’s profile, highlighting the hundreds of aromatics and flavor components in each bean. From bean sourcing to water profiles, we seek to experiment and constantly create. So whether you are stopping in for a morning pick-me-up or experimenting with a newly brewed-creation, rest assured you are experiencing the absolute best.


We offer a full-service coffee bar, with specialty cocktail and condensed liquor offerings. We feature ethically grown and responsibly-sourced beans. While the menu will change based on availability, the bar will consistently feature seasonal blends and single-origin coffees from Hex Coffee Roasters, four taps and a selection of teas.

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Coffee & Tea
Brewed Coffee, Tea (White, Green, Black, Oolong, Herbal, Tisane), Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Tea Latte, Coffee Cream Soda | Nitro Draft: Cold Brew, Draft Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Oat Milk Latte, Black Tea, Herbal Tea

Brewing Today

Brewed Coffee Pinheirinho | Carmo De Minas, Brazil

Espresso Form blend | Colombia/Brazil

Coffee Cocktails
Boozy Cream Soda – Cold brew ice cube, vodka, half and half,
vanilla, bubbles, garnished with orange