At The Suffolk Punch, coffee is more than a beverage. It is an art, a movement, and an instrument for change. Proudly serving Hyde Coffee, we seek to elevate the beverage’s profile, highlighting the hundreds of aromatics and flavor components in each bean. From bean sourcing to water profiles, we seek to experiment and constantly create. So whether you are stopping in for a morning pick-me-up or experimenting with a newly brewed-creation, rest assured you are experiencing the absolute best.


Lindsey Pitman is a veteran of the North Carolina coffee scene. She has opened several successful coffee shops in Charlotte and Asheville, and traveled the world in order to elevate what coffee can do. Her remarkable knowledge, attention to detail and reputation throughout the community offer a guarantee to customers that they are drinking high-quality, ethically sourced and thoughtfully brewed beverages.


We offer a full-service coffee bar, with specialty cocktail and condensed liquor offerings later in the day. Guest roasters will appear on a rotating basis, featuring ethically grown and responsibly-sourced beans from Guatemala to Ethiopia and beyond. While the menu will change based on demand and seasonal availability, the bar will consistently feature five varietals, four taps and a mix of coffee and tea.


Nitro Coffee On Draft

Organic Black Wulong Specialty Tea

Single Origin Espress
El Paraiso Colombia: Mountain Air Roasting

Hot or Iced Tea and Milk
Dairy Milk is all grass fed non homogenized
from Hamptonville NC.
Daily alternatives available.

Seasonal Shrub
Two In the Bush : Old North Shrub